[Linux-cluster] clvmd issues

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Fri Oct 3 17:56:57 UTC 2014

On 03/10/14 12:57 PM, manish vaidya wrote:
> First i apologise for late reply , delay due to i cannot believe ,any
> response from site , I am a newcomer , already , i had posted this
> problem on many online forums , but they didn't give any response
> Thank all , for taking my problem seriously
> ** response from you
> are you using clvmd? if your answer is = yes, you need to be sure, you pv
> is visibile to your cluster nodes
> *** i am using clvmd & When use pvscan command cluster hangs
> I want to reproduce this situation again for perfection , such as when i
> try to run pvcreate command in cluster , message should come lock from
> node2 & node3 , I have created new cluster , this new cluster is working
> fine ,
> How to do This? any setting in lvm.conf

Can you share your setup please?

What kind of cluster? What version? What is the configuration file? Was 
there anything interesting in the system logs? etc.

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