[Linux-cluster] Permission denied

Bob Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Mon Oct 13 17:58:46 UTC 2014

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> >3. What kernel is this?

Make sure both nodes are running the same kernel, at any rate.

> It was made via:
> mkfs.gfs2 -j 2 -J 16 -r 32 -t rh7cluster:vol1
> /dev/mapper/vg_cluster-ha_lv

Hm. This must be a small SSD device or embedded or something.
That's a pretty non-standard journal size (and resource group size).
I'm not worried about the resource group size of 32. Shouldn't be an issue.
The journal size, on the other hand, is a little concerning.

Can you try with the standard 128MB journal size just as an experiment
to see if it mounts more consistently or if you get the same error?
Maybe GFS2's recovery code is sending an error back for some reason
due to its size...


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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