[Linux-cluster] How we conform OCF in fence agents and what to do with it

Marek "marx" Grac mgrac at redhat.com
Wed Oct 29 08:37:31 UTC 2014


I took a look at OCF specification for resource agents from 

I rewrote it from DTD to Relax NG (XML form) and attempts to modify it 
until it accept current resource agents. These changes are put for 
discussion and I will mark those that are important for fence agent with 

<resource-agent> is root element

1*) new actions required: on, off, reboot, monitor, list, metadata

2) "timeout" for service should be only optional?

3) I don't understand element "version" directly under <resource-agent> 
as it has attribute "version"

4) we have added directly elements "vendor-url" and "longdesc" under 
<resource-agent>. This is inconsistent with "shortdesc" that is 
attribute but long description really should not be an attribute.

5) we have added attribute "automatic" to <actions> (e.g. fence_scsi)

6) our parameters use only "shortdesc", so perhaphs "longdesc" can be 

7*)  element <getopt> for parameters and how they can be called from 
command line (used for man pages generation)

8) add "required" attribute for each parameter

9) add "default" value for <content> element

10) make element <special> optional. what should be inside?

11) <resource-agent> does not have only londgdesc but also shortdesc 


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