[Linux-cluster] gfs2-utils 3.1.8 released

Andrew Price anprice at redhat.com
Tue Apr 7 17:03:41 UTC 2015


I am happy to announce the 3.1.8 release of gfs2-utils. This release 
includes the following visible changes:

   * Performance improvements in fsck.gfs2, mkfs.gfs2 and gfs2_edit 
   * Better checking of journals, the jindex, system inodes and inode 
'goal' values in fsck.gfs2
   * gfs2_jadd and gfs2_grow are now separate programs instead of 
symlinks to mkfs.gfs2.
   * Improved test suite and related documentation.
   * No longer clobbers the configure script's --sbindir option.
   * No longer depends on perl.
   * Various minor bug fixes and enhancements.

See below for a complete list of changes. The source tarball is 
available from:

Please test, and report bugs against the gfs2-utils component of Fedora 


Changes since version 3.1.7:

Abhi Das (6):
       fsck.gfs2: fix broken i_goal values in inodes
       gfs2_convert: use correct i_goal values instead of zeros for inodes
       tests: test for incorrect inode i_goal values
       mkfs.gfs2: addendum to fix broken i_goal values in inodes
       gfs2_utils: more gfs2_convert i_goal fixes
       gfs2-utils: more fsck.gfs2 i_goal fixes

Andrew Price (58):
       gfs2-utils tests: Build unit tests with consistent cpp flags
       libgfs2: Move old rgrp layout functions into fsck.gfs2
       gfs2-utils build: Add test coverage option
       fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leak in pass2
       gfs2_convert: Fix potential memory leaks in adjust_inode
       gfs2_edit: Fix signed value used as array index in print_ld_blks
       gfs2_edit: Set umask before calling mkstemp in savemetaopen()
       gfs2_edit: Fix use-after-free in find_wrap_pt
       libgfs2: Clean up broken rgrp length check
       libgfs2: Remove superfluous NULL check from gfs2_rgrp_free
       libgfs2: Fail fd comparison if the fds are negative
       libgfs2: Fix check for O_RDONLY
       fsck.gfs2: Remove dead code from scan_inode_list
       mkfs.gfs2: Terminate lockproto and locktable strings explicitly
       libgfs2: Add generic field assignment and print functions
       gfs2_edit: Use metadata description to print and assign fields
       gfs2l: Switch to lgfs2_field_assign
       libgfs2: Remove device_name from struct gfs2_sbd
       libgfs2: Remove path_name from struct gfs2_sbd
       libgfs2: metafs_path improvements
       gfs2_grow: Don't use PATH_MAX in main_grow
       gfs2_jadd: Don't use fixed size buffers for paths
       libgfs2: Remove orig_journals from struct gfs2_sbd
       gfs2l: Check unchecked returns in openfs
       gfs2-utils configure: Fix exit with failure condition
       gfs2-utils configure: Remove checks for non-existent -W flags
       gfs2_convert: Don't use a fixed sized buffer for device path
       gfs2_edit: Add bounds checking for the journalN keyword
       libgfs2: Make find_good_lh and jhead_scan static
       Build gfs2_grow, gfs2_jadd and mkfs.gfs2 separately
       gfs2-utils: Honour --sbindir
       gfs2-utils configure: Use AC_HELP_STRING in help messages
       fsck.gfs2: Improve reporting of pass timings
       mkfs.gfs2: Revert default resource group size
       gfs2-utils tests: Add keywords to tests
       gfs2-utils tests: Shorten TESTSUITEFLAGS to TOPTS
       gfs2-utils tests: Improve docs
       gfs2-utils tests: Skip unit tests if check is not found
       gfs2-utils tests: Document usage of convenience macros
       fsck.gfs2: Fix 'initializer element is not constant' build error
       fsck.gfs2: Simplify bad_journalname
       gfs2-utils build: Add a configure script summary
       mkfs.gfs2: Remove unused declarations
       gfs2-utils/tests: Fix unit tests for older check libraries
       fsck.gfs2: Fix memory leaks in pass1_process_rgrp
       libgfs2: Use the correct parent for rgrp tree insertion
       libgfs2: Remove some obsolete function declarations
       gfs2-utils: Move metafs handling into gfs2/mkfs/
       gfs2_grow/jadd: Use a matching context mount option in 
       gfs2_edit savemeta: Don't read rgrps twice
       fsck.gfs2: Fetch directory inodes early in pass2()
       libgfs2: Remove some unused data structures
       gfs2-utils: Tidy up Makefile.am files
       gfs2-utils build: Remove superfluous passive header checks
       gfs2-utils: Consolidate some "bad constants" strings
       gfs2-utils: Update translation template
       libgfs2: Fix potential NULL deref in linked_leaf_search()
       gfs2_grow: Put back the definition of FALLOC_FL_KEEP_SIZE

Bob Peterson (15):
       fsck.gfs2: Detect and correct corrupt journals
       fsck.gfs2: Change basic dentry checks for too long of file names
       fsck.gfs2: Print out block number when pass3 finds a bad directory
       fsck.gfs2: Adjust when hash table is doubled
       fsck.gfs2: Revise "undo" processing
       fsck.gfs2: remove duplicate designation during undo
       fsck.gfs2: Fix a use-after-free in pass2
       fsck.gfs2: fix double-free bug
       fsck.gfs2: Reprocess nodes if anything changed
       fsck.gfs2: Rebuild system files if they don't have the SYS bit set
       fsck.gfs2: Check the integrity of the journal index
       fsck.gfs2: rgrp block count reform
       fsck.gfs2: Change block_map to match bitmap
       fsck.gfs2: Fix journal sequence number reporting problem
       fsck.gfs2: Fix coverity error in pass4.c

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