[Linux-cluster] Working of a two-node cluster

Jatin Davey jashokda at cisco.com
Fri Apr 24 12:53:16 UTC 2015

Here is my cluster.conf file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="4" name="****">
                 <clusternode name="node-103" nodeid="1">
                                 <method name="Method01">
                                         <device name="node-103"/>
                 <clusternode name="node-105" nodeid="2">
                                 <method name="Method02">
                                         <device name="node-105"/>
         <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
                 <fencedevice agent="fence_ipmilan" auth="password" 
ipaddr="x.x.x.x" lanplus="on" login="admin" name="node-103" 
passwd="*****" privlvl="ADMINISTRATOR"/>
                 <fencedevice agent="fence_ipmilan" auth="password" 
ipaddr="x.x.x.x" lanplus="on" login="admin" name="node-105" 
passwd="******" privlvl="ADMINISTRATOR"/>
         <fence_daemon post_join_delay="120"/>
                         <netfs export="/test" force_unmount="1" 
fstype="nfs" host="x.x.x.x" mountpoint="/test/test/test" name="test123"/>
                         <ip address="x.x.x.x" sleeptime="5"/>
                         <script file="/xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx/xx.sh" 
                         <failoverdomain name="Failover01" 
nofailback="1" ordered="1">
                                 <failoverdomainnode name="node-103" 
                                 <failoverdomainnode name="node-105" 
                 <service domain="Failover01" name="Service01" 
                         <ip ref="x.x.x.x"/>
                         <netfs ref="test123"/>
                         <script ref="xxxx"/>

On 4/24/2015 6:01 PM, emmanuel segura wrote:
> please share your cluster config, maybe in this way someone can help you.
> 2015-04-24 14:12 GMT+02:00 Jatin Davey <jashokda at cisco.com>:
>> Hi
>> I am using a two node cluster using RHEL 6.5. I have a very fundamental
>> question.
>> For the two node cluster to work , Is it mandatory that both the nodes are
>> "online" and communicating with each other ?
>> What i can see is that if there is communication failure between them then
>> either both the nodes are fenced or the cluster gets into a "stopped" state
>> (Seen from output of clustat command).
>> Apologies if my questions are naive. I am just starting to work with RHEL
>> cluster add-on.
>> Thanks
>> Jatin
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