[Linux-cluster] cluster not fencing after filesystem failure

Vasil Valchev vasil.val at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 15:31:25 UTC 2015


You can check in the log for "fenced" messages, if it tries to fence the
node at all. Also for "cman".
Is your cluster hanged after a node failure? That would indicate the
fencing didn't succeed for some reason.

   >I've tested fencing from the command line and it works:
   >fence_vmware_soap --ip --username ddsfence --password
   >secret -z --action reboot -U  "423d288c-03ff-74bf-9a4f-bf661f8ed87b"

You can also test fencing with "fence_node <node-to-be-fenced>" - that way
it is tested with the exact arguments from the cluster.conf and you can see
if it works or not.

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