[Linux-cluster] Rhel 7.2 Pacemaker cluster - gfs2 file system- NFS document

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Fri Apr 28 15:25:50 UTC 2017

On 28/04/17 06:34 AM, Dawood Munavar S M wrote:
> Hello All,
> Could you please share any links/documents to create NFS HA cluster over
> gfs2 file system using Pacemaker.
> Currently I have completed till mounting of gfs2 file systems on cluster
> nodes and now I need to create cluster resources for NFS server, exports
> and mount on client.
> Thanks,
> Munavar.

I use gfs2 quite a bit, but not nfs.

Can I make a suggestion? Don't use gfs2 for this.

You will have much better performance if you use an active/passive
failover with a non-clustered FS. GFS2, like any cluster FS, needs to
have the cluster handle locks which is always going to be slower (by a
fair amount) than traditional internal FS locking.

The common NFS HA cluster setup is to have the cluster promote/connect
the backing storage (drbd/iscsi), mount the FS, start nfs and then take
a floating IP address.

GFS2 is an excellent FS for situations where it is needed, and should be
avoided anywhere possible. :)

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