[Linux-cluster] Rhel 7.2 Pacemaker cluster - gfs2 file system- NFS document

emmanuel segura emi2fast at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 22:23:38 UTC 2017

can you provide pcs status ?

2017-04-28 17:51 GMT+02:00 Dawood Munavar S M <dawood.m at msystechnologies.com

> Hi,
> Thanks for your reply and the valuable comments.
> Curently I am only sanity testing the Rhel 7.2 cluster configuration with
> our FC storage arrays, so performance really doesn't matters for us at the
> moment.
> Also with regard to creating nfs cluster resources over gfs2, we followed
> the below steps, but still "showmount -e" doesn't list the export entries,
> *Note:* This steps are followed after mounting gfs2 file systems on
> cluster nodes,
> 1. pcs resource create ClusterIP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 ip=
> cidr_netmask=24 op monitor interval=30s
> 2. pcs resource create NFS-D nfsserver nfs_shared_infodir=/global/nfsinfo
> nfs_ip=
> 3. pcs resource create nfs-cm-shared exportfs clientspec=
> 255.255.0 options=rw,sync,no_root_squash directory=/SAP_SOFT fsid=0
> 4. Added resource dependancies
> 5. [root at node2-atto ~]# showmount -e
> Export list for
> **** No Entries *****
> I went through RedHat forums and it is mentioned that Exporting a GFS2
> filesystem in an Active/Active configuration is only supported when using
> *Samba+CTDB* to export the GFS2 filesystem. Please let us know if its
> mandatory to configure CTDB when nfs over gfs2 is configured or anyother
> options is available.
> Thanks,
> Munavar.
> On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 8:55 PM, Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> wrote:
>> On 28/04/17 06:34 AM, Dawood Munavar S M wrote:
>> > Hello All,
>> >
>> > Could you please share any links/documents to create NFS HA cluster over
>> > gfs2 file system using Pacemaker.
>> >
>> > Currently I have completed till mounting of gfs2 file systems on cluster
>> > nodes and now I need to create cluster resources for NFS server, exports
>> > and mount on client.
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Munavar.
>> I use gfs2 quite a bit, but not nfs.
>> Can I make a suggestion? Don't use gfs2 for this.
>> You will have much better performance if you use an active/passive
>> failover with a non-clustered FS. GFS2, like any cluster FS, needs to
>> have the cluster handle locks which is always going to be slower (by a
>> fair amount) than traditional internal FS locking.
>> The common NFS HA cluster setup is to have the cluster promote/connect
>> the backing storage (drbd/iscsi), mount the FS, start nfs and then take
>> a floating IP address.
>> GFS2 is an excellent FS for situations where it is needed, and should be
>> avoided anywhere possible. :)
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