[Linux-cluster] missing tags on dlm git repo at pagure.io

Jean-Marc Saffroy saffroy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 22:46:45 UTC 2017


I just noticed that git tags are gone on the repo at pagure.io.

In case someone wants to restore them, in my older checkout the tags are:

$ git log --no-walk --tags --pretty="%h %d %s" --decorate=full
e9302c0  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.7, refs/remotes/origin/master, 
refs/remotes/origin/HEAD) release 4.0.7
5822d89  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.6) release 4.0.6
8ab4292  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.5) release 4.0.5
78979b0  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.4) release 4.0.4
2811cdf  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.3) release 4.0.3
ccb5e40  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.2) release 4.0.2
2b69766  (HEAD, tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.1) release 4.0.1
499cb28  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-4.0.0) release 4.0.0
d38ab51  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-3.99.5) release 3.99.5
88e1465  (tag: refs/tags/3.99.4) release 3.99.4
213749e  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-3.99.3) release 3.99.3
9832cc8  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-3.99.2) release 3.99.2
dae8d81  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-3.99.1) release 3.99.1
abb3da4  (tag: refs/tags/dlm-3.99.0) release 3.99.0


saffroy at gmail.com

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