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On 01/02/19 09:59 +0000, Nicola Contu wrote:
> any news on this?
> Is there anything else we can do to troubleshoot before this happens
> again?

I don't lively attend this list anymore, and so the most of the
pacemaker/corosync cluster stack audience unless they are interested
in wider surface (at least that's my perception), so if you still
seek the advice, try your luck at this ClusterLabs list:


Hope this helps.

> From: Nicola Contu
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> I can give you the current arp table, but we do not log ARP so
> there’s no way to tell you what the table looked like at that
> particular time.
> Or we need to wait for the next time if someone in Engineering is
> available to get an ARP (I am not maning routers unfortunately)
> Do you want me to send you the current ARP?
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> Am 30.01.19 um 09:59 schrieb Nicola Contu:
>> Hello,
>> I've setup a cluster using pacemaker and corosync for HA using HAProxy.
>> Two resources : Haproxy and a floating IP.
>> They are running on Centos7 on vmware.
>> The strange thing that happens sometime is that the floating IP won't be pingable from outside the LAN.
>> So for example, a server on the same LAN can ping it but me from my laptop can't.
>> The resource is still active and up on the proxy owning the resource.
>> Attached the log of corosync.
>> Can anyone help?
>> Thanks
> It seems to be a network problem. What is the arp cache on the router
> when this happens?

Jan (Poki)
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