[Linux-cluster] Using gfs2/dlm directly and from outer space

Pierre-Philipp Braun pbraun at nethence.com
Sun Aug 23 16:42:36 UTC 2020

It's been almost a week, so in the meanwhile I found a workaround.  I 
just downgraded the kernel to 4.18.x to match RHEL8's maintained version.

I did not even have to apply all the RHEL/CentOS patches I found.  Just 
building the latest 4.18 vanilla kernel (4.18.20) did the job.  I 
suppose it could possibly work with a few more recent versions.  But for 
that, some insights would be needed from you guys, to figure out what 
parts of the DLM kernel implementation is making the user-land DLM obsolete.

Anyhow I am now using GFS2 and DLM on Slackware Linux current (with a 
downgraded kernel version) and it works pretty well so far.



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