[linux-lvm] corrupted VG/LVs

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Tue Aug 17 18:36:57 UTC 1999

Hi Freddy.

> somehow I managed to get my volume group vg00 corrupted.

Can you recall how this tokk place?

I ask to get an idea if LVM has to be enahnced or fixed.

> I have 7 PVs, some of them are members of (not existing) vg00, some are not.
> Now my question is how I remove all the dependencies and/or PVs from VG to
> be able to create new PV/VG/LV? xxremove does not work.

If you want to restore your volume group description to the disks:

   Please start by doing a backup of /etc/lvmconf/* because there are up
   to 10 backups in a history of your volume group configuration.

   for p in /dev/YourInvolvedDiskSpecials; do
      vgcfgrestore -n YourVolumeGroup -f PathToYourVolumeGroupBackup $p

   PathToYourVolumeGroupBackup could be /etc/lvmconf/VourVolumeGroupName.conf

   - or -


   BTW: with "vgcfgrestore -n YourVolumeGroup -ll -f PathToYourVolumeGroupBackup
        you can look into the backup file and decide, if this is the one
        you want to be restored.

If you just want to initialize all involved and now useless PVs:

   pvcreate -ff /dev/YourPVX ... # insert all involved disk/partition specials



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