[linux-lvm] e2fsadm Q's

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Thu Aug 26 18:45:15 UTC 1999

> I see that in order to resize ext2 file systems, you need this 
> "resize2fs" tool.  However, you need to have registered PartitionMagic 
> 3.x in order to download it.

Yep 8*(

It should be open source in January 2000 as Ted Ts'o said a while ago.

> So, I'm thinking that this product is probably not open source.  If I'm 
> wrong (or I can get a developement version of some source code 
> somewhere), could someone please tell me?
> The reason I'm asking is because I am going to start work on a file 
> system resizer for GFS.  I would like it to be an online resizer (mmm... 
> lots of problems:).

True ;*)

> Does anyone have any experience in this or could 
> point me to some source code (other than the LVM stuff - I'm looking that 
> over now:)?

Did you see the ext2 resizer links at <http://linux.msede.com>

You can find a bunch of open sourced code behind those links.



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