AW: [linux-lvm] LVM in stock kernel!?

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> On Thu, 26 Aug 1999, Mats Wichmann wrote:
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> While I think the GUI thing is nice, and as a proponent of the VERITAS
> Volume Manager despite a great affinity for IBM's
> LVM, I have to say that the GUI inevitably leaves some small, but
> super-crucial piece out.  As a long time AIX and Veritas
> consultant, I have to say I long ago gave up both smit and vxva in favor
> of the good old CLI.  I think that giving Linux LVM
> a gui might eventually prove useful, but right now, I think it better to
> develop as many CLI tools as possible and stabilize
Well, please not too many. BTW, which tools do You consder missing except
mabe those to resize file systems?
As far as i remember, the equivalents to the AIX cli commands to amage
physical and logical volumes are all there, and file systems are, strictly
spoken, a different issue. One could easily consider running LVM on UFS or
the (hopefully) forthcoming
journaled file system SGI has just contributed to linux instead of good old

> the code.  I want to see Oracle start recommending LVM (on Debian -- I'm
> tired of all this redhat stuff, hehehe) as a
> definite boost.
My impression is that the major companies are a bit unaware of debian and
recognize only Redhat and partly Suse (which i'm tired of), at least Oracle,
IBM, SGI and HP. But isn't this a bit off topic here?

> Some other Pros to add:
> Integration with IBM's ADSM backup allows Linux machines to be backed up
> "snapshot" style by simply syncing volumes and
> grabbing volume data.
How do You integrate with ADSM (except over NFS)? As far as i know, only the
ADSM client is supported on Linux.

> The ability to add a sort of volume log allows almost instant volume
> resyncing while maintaining an active data volume.
> The (unique) ability to use either physical disks or partitions (and even
> flat files via the loopback device) allows for a
> very flexible Volume Group makeup (e.g. I don't get stuck having to
> allocate all of that 18GB drive to a volume when I only
> need 4GB of it, etc.).  NOTE:  This does add some cons when it comes to
> deporting (exporting) volumes and migrating disks,
> but it should be easy enough to overcome.
Finally: i have the impression that the major arguments of the necessity of
LVM support in the stock linux kernel 
have been brought up for several times now. What about summing them up and
collecting the Names of the contributors to this thread into the note to be
sent to Linus?


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