[linux-lvm] Revised petition WAS: LVM in stock kernel!?

Luca Berra bluca at comedia.it
Fri Aug 27 09:18:55 UTC 1999

On Thu, Aug 26, 1999 at 06:28:59PM -0400, Shane Shrybman wrote:
> I have added a few more points that I gleaned from this list. I have also
> taken the liberty of adding a SUPPORTERS section with people's names and
> email addresses. Please let me know if you have names to add or delete.
> We need more SUPPORTERS! 

i think that when wee agrre on the petition contents, we can
put it on the web and mebbe have slashdot/lwn/freshmeat link
the page.

> - The "out of storage space" is a very common problem for users especially
>   new users. LVM makes resizing allocated space easier. This is perhaps
>   the most common problem I here about from new users.
it is also an enormous problem for big higly available systems

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