[linux-lvm] Revised petition WAS: LVM in stock kernel!?

Steve Brueggeman stevebr at primenet.com
Fri Aug 27 13:06:19 UTC 1999

Since we're petitioning Linus to include 'current' LVM code, I believe that we
should make it clear what Linux LVM 'currently' supports.  Though a section
including future growth would probably be a good idea, since it'd give Linus a
good feeling about future support, and also let him know what direction this
piece of code is going in. 

Of course, include my name on the petition.

steve_brueggeman at notes.seagate.com

Steve Brueggeman

>Shane writes:
>> - Integration with IBM's ADSM backup allows Linux machines to be backed up
>>   "snapshot" style by simply syncing volumes and grabbing volume data.
>I would like to learn specifically what this is before we post this list
>anywhere.  I don't know of any "integration" with ADSM and Linux LVM.  I
>don't think the current LVM supports mirrored LVs, so there is no possibility
>of a snapshot of a filesystem...
>> - The ability to add a sort of volume log allows almost instant volume
>>   resyncing while maintaining an active data volume.
>I don't think this is currently possible either with Linux LVM...  Let's
>stick with what works before we go talking about features that don't
>exist yet.
>You can add me as a strong supporter of LVM for Linux.  I think any OS
>that doesn't have LVM these days is a pain in the a**.
>Cheers, Andreas

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