[linux-lvm] LVM and devices

Andreas Dilger adilger at enel.ucalgary.ca
Sat Aug 28 19:18:10 UTC 1999

Heinz writes:
> > I haven't had a chance to
> > look yet).  For that matter, LVM shouldn't be tied to the /dev names of
> > anything, since you could just start traversing the available devices,
> > find a list of UUIDs that make up a VG, and not have to worry about the
> > /dev names of anything (nor even store them anywhere).
> Actually, it depends on /dev namespace today.
> But the sole reason for this is perforrmance.
> We could simply throw that dependency away, if we go devfs or
> could live with performance impacts without devfs.

It shouldn't be a big change to have LVM not STORE the device names in
the VGDA, and something like a pvscan is done at boot-time (after the LVM
module is loaded, if a module) to determine PV -> /dev mapping.  The LVM
kernel code would still use the device name/major+minor in memory to
access the devices, so there should be no performance impact outside a
small amount of scanning at boot time or when a new VG is imported.

Cheers, Andreas
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