[linux-lvm] xfs

Eric Smith seric at geotec.net
Sun Aug 29 05:02:52 UTC 1999

         "S. Ryan Quick" wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Eric Smith wrote:
> > Has anyone looked at xfs?  Works great on IRIX.  If you don't think
> > ext2fs lends itself well to LVM-ing, then what about xfs?
> I have used xfs quite extensively on SGI systems, and have heard about SGI delivering the goods to the Linux world.  Some features of the
> filesystem (especially direct I/O access for io intesive applications like video production and the ability to maintain internal or external
> logging volumes a la xlv) make it a very tempting bet for Linux in the future.  Have you heard more information on this?
> Ryan

Yeah, check this out:



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