[linux-lvm] e2fsadm

Daniel Whicker heimdall at mail.org
Fri Feb 12 23:56:01 UTC 1999

Actually, if you could send me a tarball of the entire tools directory, I
should be able to test it.  I'm not a C programmer, but It looks like you
changed the number of arguments for "lvm_check_number" in
"lib/lvm_check_number.c" from the code you have and the code in v0.5alpha
that I'm using. 


At 05:39 PM 2/12/99 , you wrote:
>> Heinz,
>> 	Playing around, I found what I *THINK* might be a slight bug with the
>> e2fsadm program.  I've compiled in the 0.5 LVM into a 2.0.36 kernel without
>> any problems.  I also have the resize2fs.rpm from PowerQuest installed.
>> The problem arises when I try to expand a filesystem.  For whatever reason,
>> e2fsadm doesn't recognize the ext2 filesystem that resides on the LV.  Am I
>> doing something incorrectly, or would you like some more information.
>No, i'm sorry.
>This is a bug.
>Please test the following code instead e2fsadm.c and give me feedback.

		Daniel Whicker  (heimdall at mail.org)

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