[linux-lvm] Snapshot compile...

Daniel Whicker heimdall at mail.org
Sat Feb 13 01:36:47 UTC 1999

>Did you copy LVM/0.6alpha/kernel/lvm.h to /usr/src/linux/include/linux/lvm.h
>and LVM/0.6alpha/kernel/lvm.c to /usr/src/linux/drivers/block/lvm.c to
>compile the kernel parts?

Sure did.  I just did a diff against them to double check.  The files in
the kernel are the same from the snapshot.  Maybe I missed something when I
recompiled the kernel.  I did a make clean, make dep, make, make zImage,
and then the make modules where it failed.  Is there anything else that I
might have missed?  I'm pretty sure that make clean should have deleted all
my outdated object files...

		Daniel Whicker  (heimdall at mail.org)

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