[linux-lvm] *** Hello everybody ***

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Tue Feb 16 01:12:31 UTC 1999

Seing about 50 subscriptions in a couple of days i like to say
welcome to everybody on this brand new list.

I'm looking forward to every hint, enhancement request etc. etc.
coming up on the list to get a better Logical Volume Manager for Linux.

Please go ahead ;*)

Best regards,


Systemmanagement C/S                             Deutsche Telekom AG
                                                 Entwicklungszentrum Darmstadt
Heinz Mauelshagen                                Otto-Roehm-Strasse 71c
Senior Systems Engineer                          Postfach 10 05 41
                                                 64205 Darmstadt
mge at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de                      Germany
                                                 +49 6151 886-425

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