[linux-lvm] User count, general question for all y'all

Shawn Leas sleas at ixion.honeywell.com
Wed Feb 17 02:23:34 UTC 1999

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Stephen Costaras wrote:

> I signed up to the list to get a feel as to how stable lvm is and
> what pitfalls I would cross in using it.  The servers here are used
> in a production setting so I am on the reluctant side of putting in
> 'bleeding edge' stuff.
> Steve

When you think about it, the fundamental role of LVM has
little opportunity to introduce instability where it wasn't
there before. (Maybe Heinz can help me here)

It's simply offereing userland a virtual view of disk (or
some non-volatile storage), and in doing so has the job of
translating logical addresses to physical ones, etc etc. Well,
that and locking some things here and there at times... But
then, that's more for LVM meta data, because LVM sits on top
of already existing kernel stuff, proven stable.

I guess locking could be a concern, but I get the feel,
having used LVM, that Heinz has done a production quality job
with everything.

Go ahead and try it out on a more developmenty platform,
I think you'll find it as stable as a non-lvm one.

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