[linux-lvm] root filesystem in lvm

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Wed Feb 17 11:30:07 UTC 1999

> On a test system I have put the root filesystem into lvm. Everything works
> fine, however during shutdown I cannot vgchange -a n to the volumegroup,
> where the root filesystem sits. Does that any harm?

No it doesn't because "vgchange -an" does not write anything back to the
physical volumes these days.
The only cause for documenting this is to go the "clean" way to stop subsystems
before halt/reboot.

BTW: would you mind sending your solution to the list?
     Tried an hour or so by myself but run into trouble doing
     the switch from the boot partion to real-root-dev in a LV 8*(

> Also did anybody out there look into lilo in order to make the kernel
> bootable from an lvm volume?

Not that i'm aware of.

> IMHO lvm looks very keen especially if you have
> large disks, where you still have only 8 partitions. I prefer having my
> filesystem spread out into several partitions for /, /usr and so forth.




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