[linux-lvm] Problems on compile

Shawn Leas sleas at ixion.honeywell.com
Thu Feb 18 08:06:14 UTC 1999

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Chris Stamborski wrote:

> I haven't seen this answered anywhere on the website or on the mailing
> list.  It's a simple error, but my coding skills are a little rusty...
> Stats:
> RedHat 5.2, glibc system
> kernel 2.2.0 (patched with the a version of the lvm kernel patch) compiled
> 	smp 
> dual p200 system 
> lvm code image lvm-19990213, I have the same problem with
> lvm_0.5alpha

I remember this... It seems LVM has just a little trouble compiling
when you configure you kernel just right... I bet you have a bunch
of alien pertition types supported in your .config?

I might have a fix.. I'll dig.

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