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Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Thu Feb 18 10:21:33 UTC 1999

> On Thu, 18 Feb 1999, Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:
> > This implies no need for a special boot area _if_ we lay all
> > sectors LILO needs into the LV parts on that one disk.
> > Or did you mean that with voot area?

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 22:34:49 -0600, Shawn Leas wrote:
> Mirrored configurations would work ok then I guess, right?

> This (mirroring) would be my main reason for root on an LV.

Yes, but LVM mirroring is future 8*(

If we will have mirroring support in the LVM some day it should not be the
big issue to activate a mirror at an early stage while initializing
the LVM driver (static bound into the kernel).

> By voot,
> what did you mean? (Sorry, it's probably in some M somewhere that I
> should be RTFing...)

Sorry, just an early morning hours typo coming much too late from work.

voot should have been boot (area).

RTFing beer on my bill ;*)

> > If LILO would be able to deal with sectors scattered over many disks,
> > why to have a special boot area anyway?
> Probably none. /me says KISS! ;P

As i said in another posting, LVM had to take care of LILO single disk
and 1024 cylinder limitations.

> > HP-UX's 2nd stage bootstrap loader is only able to deal with a contiguous
> > HFS formated filesystem.
> > That's the reason they mark the boot/root LV contiguous.
> > Without tricks you are stuck with the initial created size.
> > AFAIK this hasn't been changed including 11.X.
> Geez... Well, commercial eunices are driven my market demand and
> not quality or grace or programmer's pride. Luckily, there's you,
> Linus, Alan, Richard Gooch, SCT, HJ Lu, HPA, Andreas, and all the
> rest of the code wariors out there doing it better!



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