[linux-lvm] Re: suscribe

Rolf O. Blättner rolf.blaettner at nuernberg.netsurf.de
Thu Feb 18 14:45:42 UTC 1999

Hi, Lars,

at Thu, 18 Feb 1999 11:36:04 +0100, You
(Lars Segerlund <lars.segerlund at axis.com>) wrote to

    linux-lvm at msede.com

an empty mail with

    Subject: suscribe

But that doesn't work as probably expected by You ... :-(

To subscribe to this list, You have to write to

    majordomo at msede.com

instead with an empty Subject and with the following
commands in the BODY:


This is because majordomo at msede.com is the address
of the list admin program whereas linux-lvm at msede.com
is the addres You may post to the list.

In order to get more info about majordomo's possible
commands You may insert the command:


before the end command.

Hope it helps, happy linuxing !      :-))


*falling back into lurking mode*

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