[linux-lvm] Announcement: LVM 0.6 available.

Michael Marxmeier mike at msede.com
Tue Mar 2 20:52:48 UTC 1999

Hello all.

Since Heinz is currently enjoying his trip to California
i would like to annonce the new LVM version 0.6.


- Support for Linux 2.2.2

- The fixed limit of 8 volume groups with up to 31 logical
  volumes each is gone: You can have 1 volume group with up 
  to 256 logical volumes or 99 volume groups with 2 or 3 
  logical volumes each or any combination in between.
  See vgchange(8).

- Sizes can be specified with units now; for example you are 
  able to provide the logical volume size in megabytes, gigabytes 
  and terabytes 8*)

- Read ahead sectors now can be chooseen on a per logical
  volume base with lvcreate(8)/lvchange(8);
  no global setting with lvmchange(8) any longer

- new options s and n for pvscan(8)

- /proc/partitions fully supported with kernel 2.2.1 now

Additional information on Linux LVM is available at

LVM 0.6 is available for download at

Please note that LVM 0.6 is still considered alpha.


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