[linux-lvm] Bonehead problem

ishamael at erroneous.demon.co.uk ishamael at erroneous.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 11 00:25:55 UTC 1999

Shawn Leas wrote:
>When I upgraded to v0.6 from v0.5alpha, I end up having
>to keep the old v0.5 version of vgscan around.
>Reason? Well, this is WEIRD... v0.6 vgscan always errs out
>with 96, or, invalid IO/protocol version. Then, I use v0.5
>vgscan, and the same happens. Then, I use v0.6 vgscan again,
>What the hell is going on?

Did you build lvm as a module? _insmod lvm_ worked for me, after several hours 
of profound confusion.

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