[linux-lvm] Bonehead problem

Verloove, Olivier olivier_verloove at merck.com
Thu Mar 11 15:38:30 UTC 1999

In fact, I didn't have LVM 0.5 compiled on this system.
The problem was due to the device file /dev/lvm missing.

And thanks for the md[4-15] remark. I'm on RH5.2 and it was the cause of
vgscan hanging the system (see other message).

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> Subject: 	RE: [linux-lvm] Bonehead problem
> It sounds to me like you've got old modules hanging around as left-overs.
> Did you build LVM 0.5 with the same kernel version? (2.2.2 presumably).
> If
> so, did you clear out your old modules directory before you rebuilt the
> kernel with LVM 0.6?  Are you using modversions when you build the
> kernel/modules?
> I've also noticed that vgscan will cause the kernel will complain about
> not
> being able to find some block devices that I have not compiled into
> modules, or the kernel.  This doesn't sound like your problem though.
> I've also had a problem when vgscan ran, because of a bug in the md
> driver.
> I run RedHat 5.2, and the default installation created /dev/md0 through
> /dev/md15, but the default md driver is compiled to handle only 4 md
> devices (#define MAX_MD_DEV  4), and because of a bug in the md_open()
> (uses [minor] without checking minor is less than MAX_MD_DEV), my kernel
> would crash when vgscan tried to check /dev/md6 or so.  I just rm'd
> /dev/md[4-9] /dev/md1[0-5] to not cause the problem.   I don't think this
> is your problem either, but thought you might like to know.
> Steve Brueggeman
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