[linux-lvm] Re: applying latest patch-howto

Steve Brueggeman stevebr at primenet.com
Tue Mar 16 13:14:15 UTC 1999

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 12:57:50 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi  folks
>Can anyone help to find the correct way to impl. the new patch (
>lvm_0.6-patch-15031999a.gz)  for lvm.
>Peter Michael Nielsen

First, get a clean lvm-0.6 gziped tar, from
and unpack it to the directory of your choosing, 

tar -xzf lvm_0.6.tar.gz

(you should already know this part), which will create a LVM/0.6/..... directory

Second, if you put Heinz's latest patch in the same directory as the
lvm_0.6.tar.gz file, do the following

gzip -dc lvm_0_6-patch-15031999a | (cd LVM/0.6; patch -p1)

This should successfully patch two files


If you get bad results, I must have mistyped something, so let me know and I'll
correct it.

Steve Brueggeman

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