[linux-lvm] Bug in the Major number increments?

FryarD at pge-energy.com FryarD at pge-energy.com
Wed Mar 31 20:14:37 UTC 1999

In experimentation with LVM on RH5.2 I noticed that everytime I create the first
two logical volumes they get the exact same major number. This results in one of
the volume not valid or mountable. I have not examined it enough yet, however, I
suspect that the increment i++ is incorrectly using the same number before
incrementing. Any thoughts? Is there something I am missing? Also it might be a
good idea to add a line to the makefile to create /etc/lvmtab.d. I fiddled
around with LVM for a while getting invalid protocol before discovering that you
had to create this directory by hand before it would work.

Dexter Fryar

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