[linux-lvm] Actual status of LVM in stock kernel

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Thu Nov 11 12:23:56 UTC 1999

Hi all,

just wanted to give you the actual status of the LVM driver
on its long long way into the stock kernel.

Dirk Hohndel (THX Dirk!) supported me by talking to Linus in person
about 5 weeks ago. He convinced Linus to be open to include the LVM 
in the stock kernel (good idea(tm)) and asked me to send a patch
for 2.3.x directly to Linus.

I did but didn't get any answer from Linux within a couple of days.

So i had to ask for Dirk's help again.

He told me to resend the patch to Linus.

I did but didn't .......... 8*(((

Dirk will talk to Linus again in person next week.

Somebody out there to help me stay optimistic?

Kind regards,



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