[linux-lvm] lvcreate_initrd & redhat 6.1

Heinz Mauelshagen mauelsha at ez-darmstadt.telekom.de
Tue Nov 16 00:54:36 UTC 1999

> Got lvm running on at RH 6.1 after patching a 2.2.10 kernal.  All looking
> very good. However, when I ran lvcreate_initrd, it errored out;
> [root at l61 tools]# ./lvmcreate_initrd
> Logical Volume Manager 0.7 by Heinz Mauelshagen  01/07/1999
> lvmcreate_initrd -- this script creates a LVM initial ram disk in
> /boot/initrd.z
> lvmcreate_initrd -- making ram filesystem
> lvmcreate_initrd -- ERROR making ram disk filesystem

Looks like you didn't configure your kernel to support ramdisks.
If you do configure it, don't forget to add initial ramdisk support too.

> Also, any suggestions as to where to put the "vgscan" and "vgchange -a y"
> on this system.  It uses the "Sys V" rc.d setup (no /sbin/init.d/boot
> file).

I'm not used to RedHat but have a look at your /etc/inittab and figure out
what is started at boottime by looking for entries with field 3 containing
"boot" or "bootwait".
Put in vgscan and vgchange into the script started by these
(after root has been mounted rw).

Another solution is (if you want to set up an initrd system with root contained
in an LV anyway) to avoid vgscan and vgchange in the boot script by just
copying the /dev/VolumeGroup/* special files from your initial ramdisk
to your LV based root filesystem.




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