[linux-lvm] kernel oops.

Matthias G. Eckermann mge at suse.de
Fri Nov 19 22:58:40 UTC 1999

Hi all out there,

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 04:35:25PM -0500, Rusty Wickell wrote:
> I am installing lvm on a netfinity 5000 using the IBM ServeRAID card.

What release of IPS-driver do You use? 1.0? (this is fine).
We are running LVM 0.7 on a NetFinitiy 5000-20 with ServeRAID 
for about 6 weeks without any problems.

> I have set up a logical paritition with hardware RAID5 that is seen by linux
> as /dev/sdb . I was able to pvcreate,vgcreate fine.

Mh, hopefully You set up real partitions before using pvcreate!?
That means: the PV should be on /dev/sdb1, not on /dev/sdb!
If not, you do have a real problem :-(#)

> But when I went to lvcreate -L5000 -nreallv realvg. It gave the kernel
> ooops. 'Got lvm request?' and just hung there. 

The LVM-kernel driver says:

 * this one never should be called...
static void lvm_dummy_device_request(void)
               "%s -- oops, got lvm request?\n", lvm_name);

Well, I did not check, but I think, switches and parameters
should be separated by space, i.e.:
	lvcreate -L 5000 -n reallv realvg
> Is there something I should know about putting this on top of a hardware
> raid5 device. I don't think it should matter since this is hidden from the
> os, the os only sees the sdb1 device for use with lvm. 

Hope, these hints are helpful

best regards
		Matthias Eckermann

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