[linux-lvm] LVM in the Linux kernel

Ole Jakob Skjelten olesk at pvv.org
Tue Nov 30 14:48:24 UTC 1999

Just one small question:
The current 2.3.x kernels do, to the best of knowledge, not
contain LVM. And isn't it so that Linus has closed the kernel
for new additions/features until the release of 2.4.0? I seem to
have read somwhere that it is now too late to get anything
radically new into the kernel, at least until development start 
on 2.5.x kernels. Am I mistaken, or does this mean that it will
be some time before we see LVM in a stable kernel? (The fact that
for instance S.u.S.E. is shipping a kernel with LVM support helps,
but can hardly be said to be satisfactory...).

Best regards 
Ole Jakob - who'd *really* like to see LVM in a stable kernel soon :)

Ole Jakob Skjelten (olesk at pvv.org) www.pvv.org/~olesk
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