[linux-lvm] LVM, raw-io, devfs

Fernando Dammous ferdam at internetcom.com.br
Sat Oct 2 17:08:09 UTC 1999

HI Stephen and everybody,

> I've never tried the raw IO code on 2.0: let me know how it goes!  In
> principle, there is no reason why raw IO on LVM should not work.
> --Stephen

I prefer to update my kernel (to 2.3.18 or even to wait for the 2.4), before
and then to use RAW-IO.
I just hope I can simply alter Oracle to use RAW-IO instead of having
reinstall it.
Using Oracle with LVM is already very good, with RAW-IO it will be better (I
In any way, I thank in advance for your interest (and of all people of here)
in helping me in this case.

Thank you very much


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