[linux-lvm] Spam, was Re: [linux-lvm] L(=?iso-8859-1?Q?=A9=BF=A9?=)K Here And Get A Completely "FREE" Digital Cell Phone...

Dominic J. Eidson sauron at the-infinite.org
Mon Oct 4 01:49:37 UTC 1999

On Sun, 3 Oct 1999, Darkstar wrote:

> Not only that, if they have the list's email, wouldn't that mean the
> emails on the petition page could also be had?  *shudder*

I was under the impression that many e-mail harvesters look for
"mailto:user at hostname.tld" to find active e-mail adresses, instead of
grabbing anything with a @ sign and at least one . ... Anyways, I did a
small (cheesy) munging of the e-mail adresses on the petition page...

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