[linux-lvm] Some trouble.

Michael Marxmeier mike at msede.com
Tue Oct 5 21:55:36 UTC 1999

Lars Segerlund wrote:
>  I'm getting some kernel panics running vgcreate, pvscan, vgscan on a 
>  raid5 partition on a Compaq-DS10 , it sais free list corrupted ??
>  I could do a pvcreate -v /dev/md0 ( after dd </dev/zero >/dev/md0 bs=512
>  count= 1024 ), but a vgscan failed ( kernel panic, free list corrupted. )
>  and so did a vgcreate.

This looks like a known problem with the old md code once reported
by Steve Brueggeman:

> I've also had a problem when vgscan ran, because of a bug in the md driver.
> I run RedHat 5.2, and the default installation created /dev/md0 through
> /dev/md15, but the default md driver is compiled to handle only 4 md
> devices (#define MAX_MD_DEV  4), and because of a bug in the md_open()
> (uses [minor] without checking minor is less than MAX_MD_DEV), my kernel
> would crash when vgscan tried to check /dev/md6 or so.  I just rm'd
> /dev/md[4-9] /dev/md1[0-5] to not cause the problem.

Please refer to: http://linux.msede.com/lvm/mlist/archive/0059.html

As suggested, please try to remove /dev/md[4-9] and /dev/md1[0-5]
and try if vgscan still results in a panic.

Hope this helps

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