[linux-lvm] Problems with raid1 and LVM and initrd

Fernando Dammous ferdam at internetcom.com.br
Thu Oct 7 22:38:11 UTC 1999

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From: Torsten Neumann <torsten at londo.rhein-main.de>
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Subject: [linux-lvm] Problems with raid1 and LVM and initrd

> Hi,
> Everythings works, execpt if I start it via initrd.
> Any Ideas ?
I had a similar problem.  (I'm not using RAID).

There was a difference among /dev  and /etc/lvmtab from the real-root-device
and your correspondents in the initrd (it lacked /dev/vg00 / *).
I copied /dev and /etc/lvmtab and I re-built the initrd.
Today no longer vg01 exists, just vg00. Everything works fine.

BTW: my SWAP also lives in a LV (only /boot is out) .
I hope this helps !
> Regards
> Torsten


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