[linux-lvm] Can't see /dev/hdk1

Bruce Hewitson hewitson at egs.uct.ac.za
Fri Oct 8 10:06:40 UTC 1999

I'm new to LVM -- but have compiled, installed etc under linux 2.2.10, on
a system that was running md raid with 6 ide chains and 6 20Gig ATA

With LVM I can access /dev/hdi1, but not and identical /dev/hdk1.
pvcreate works fine, but when I do a vgcreate I get the following:

bud:~# vgcreate -v tst /dev/hdk1
vgcreate -- checking volume group name
vgcreate -- locking logical volume manager
vgcreate -- checking volume group "tst" existence
vgcreate -- counting all existing volume groups
vgcreate -- reading all physical volume data from disks
vgcreate -- checking if all given physical volumes in command line are new
vgcreate -- checking physical volumes name "/dev/hdk1"
vgcreate -- no valid physical volumes in command line

Any pointers as to what I've done wrong much appreciated.

- bruce

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