[linux-lvm] VFS mounting root.

theodore russell wickell twickell at indiana.edu
Tue Oct 12 16:36:33 UTC 1999


I just wanted to post the entire message I get when I boot my 2.2.12
Kernel with LVM patch patch-2.2.11-LVM with LVM compiled as a module.

request_module[block-major-8]: Root fs not mounted
VFS: Cannot open root device 08:01
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:01

My /dev/sda1 is major number 8 minor 1. I have not set the partition id or
done any lvm commands since I thought I had to be rebooted with the lvm
module loaded. Does anyone know why I am having this problem? I can try to
answer any questions if I'm being vague. 


Rusty Wickell					200 S. Jordan Ave.
Digital Library Sytem Administrator		Simon 060
Indiana University				Bloomington IN 
812-856-5174					47405

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