[linux-lvm] Problem with 2.2.11 / LVM 0.7 / DEVFS

Daniel Whicker heimdall at mail.org
Fri Oct 15 01:44:59 UTC 1999

	I just compiled 2.2.11 with LVM 0.7 and Devfs v99 and am running into an 
odd problem.  Whenever I issue a vgscan it simply doesn't see one of my 
VGs.  It doesn't error out, and it doesn't display anything about my second 
VG in verbose mode.  It saw a small test VG on my first disk, but not the 
VG on the second disk.  I set up the entire second disk as an LVM disk (no 
partition table).  I can see the /dev/hdX entries, and I can see the 
/dev/ide/hd/cXXX entries.  If I reboot the machine without devfs, I can see 
and use the VG on the second disk just fine.

Anyone have any ideas?

		Daniel Whicker  (heimdall at mail.org)

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