[linux-lvm] lvmcreate_initrd

theodore russell wickell twickell at indiana.edu
Fri Oct 15 19:24:02 UTC 1999


I finally got my system to boot except for one problem. My ramdisk is too
big! The lvmcreate_initrd tries to crete an initrd image of size 8192K but
my ramdisks such as /dev/ram1 is only 4096K I believe. The library file
libc.so.6 alone is 4017K. Am I doing something wrong? I have been trying
to cut things out of my image to that It all will fit in the ramdisk at
bootup. I trimmed out alot the device files that REdhat comes with by
default which were in the lvmcreate_initrd script, but still it is around
5002K. Anyone know how to make a ramdisk such as /dev/ram1 which is size

The ramdisk image sizes I quoted are before gzip'ing because I figured
that was what had to be able to fit in ram at bootup. It zips down to 1.8M
but when unzipped at boot-time it overflows my ramdisk device.


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