[linux-lvm] more unresolved symbols.

theodore russell wickell twickell at indiana.edu
Fri Oct 15 21:30:22 UTC 1999


Thanks everyone for helping me get the ramdisk loading properly, several
people new the answer to help me out. Now, it seems I have another

'insmod lvm' comes up with two unresolved symbols.

/lib/modules/2.2.12/block/lvm.o: unresolved symbol lvm_hd_name_ptr
/lib/modules/2.2.12/block/lvm.o: unresolved symbol lvm_map_ptr

Anyone know what I am doing wrong now?


Rusty Wickell					200 S. Jordan Ave.
Digital Library Sytem Administrator		Simon 060
Indiana University				Bloomington IN 
812-856-5174					47405

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