[linux-lvm] Re: ext2 online resizer available

Andreas Dilger adilger at enel.ucalgary.ca
Sun Oct 17 21:17:23 UTC 1999

Andries writes:
> Such things are possible these days.
> Find a recent kernel and a recent util-linux (source) distribution.
> In the fdisk directory you'll find tiny utilities addpart.c and delpart.c
> that will add and remove partitions on a disk that is otherwise in use.

The issue isn't being able to add and remove other partitions on a disk,
but rather to change the size of the underlying partition for a filesystem
that is currently mounted.  I tried again with util-linux-2.9g, but the
kernel still thinks the partition is the old size.  I will have to look
into this to see if it is possible to update the kernel partition info
for the mounted partition with an IOCTL.

Cheers, Andreas
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