[linux-lvm] thank you!

theodore russell wickell twickell at indiana.edu
Tue Oct 19 16:01:03 UTC 1999


To everyone who helped me with my mundane little problems with the LVM I
thank you. I finally got it all working. I wanted to ask how many people
are using this in production? I am going to install oracle on top of it
and I wanted to see if anyone had problems with corruption or other. From
what I hear it is quite stable. I still have a little problem getting my /
partition to be a logical volume, but that is not imperative. I would get
the same errors someone else was posting about not being able to mount 0:0
or my /dev/rootvg/rootlv. It made it much easier once I just tried to set
it up without worrying about the rootvg booting. From there setting up is
a breeze. Again Thanks to all!!


Rusty Wickell					200 S. Jordan Ave.
Digital Library Sytem Administrator		Simon 060
Indiana University				Bloomington IN 
812-856-5174					47405

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