[linux-lvm] how to remove PV from a VG?

Adrien Farkas freddy at redneck.sk.oracle.com
Tue Oct 19 21:15:08 UTC 1999

Hey folks,

the subject says it (almost) all, I need to remove three PVs that were added to my VG by mistake (namely /dev/sdi, /dev/sdj and /dev/sdk), I guess you see where the error is. I can access data on previous PVs (yet), but don't know how to remove PVs, there is nothing linke 'pvremove'. I can assure you there is no data (perhaps except signature) on those disks.

Another question regarding devfs, some time ago a guy had a problem with devfs and 'smart' libs and Heinz pointed him to mailing list archives to look for patches. I did so, too (because I have tha same probs) but didn't find anything regarding this issue, anyone can help me with this?

THanks in advance,

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