[linux-lvm] Re: Installation Problems with 0.9

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Fri Dec 1 17:15:40 UTC 2000

Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Here is a "patch for the patch" which should allow the new_raid patch
> to work properly.  YMMV, as I don't use MD devices, but it is essentially
> what I had in my old 0.8 patchset (which was based on the new RAID code),
> and is mostly just removing conflicting parts of the patch:
> Cheers, Andreas
> =========================================================================
> diff -u -r1.1 lvm-0.9-2.2.17-new_raid.patch

Two things with this funny patch-for-patch.

1. missing EXPORT_SYMBOL(lvm_map_ptr) in ll_rw_block.c
 (the same is true for original patch, but it ever not
  defines this symbol -- only extern decl)
2. missing EXPORT_SYMBOL(num_physpages) in ksyms.c
 that is OK in original patch.

That's only compilation/building issues, I still
unable to make it works -- need another rebuild
that's in progress now.


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