[linux-lvm] Using Oracle with lvm AND rawio: read(512) from /dev/raw/...

Jorg de Jong jorg.de.jong at home.ict.nl
Sat Dec 2 20:46:59 UTC 2000


your mail trigged me to try this on my system! 

SQL> create tablespace x datafile '/dev/raw/raw1' ;
create tablespace x datafile '/dev/raw/raw1'

Tablespace created.

and I did not have any problems what so ever!
my setup is : 
- rh7.0 
- 2.4.11 stock kernel with 
- plain old LVM 8.0 (usertools patched)
- Oracle is 8.1.6 SE

Jorg de Jong
Work : mailto:jorg.de.jong at ict.nl 
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