[linux-lvm] Using Oracle with lvm AND rawio: read(512) from

Jorg de Jong j.e.s.de.jong at freeler.nl
Mon Dec 4 14:14:28 UTC 2000

"Michael Ju. Tokarev" wrote:

Hi Michael, 

I had a look at you original message and I found two things;

- the man page of raw says that you can not use dd on a raw device !?!
- further more I suspect that it might be the case that our logical volume is
to small to create the requested table on.

The oracle documentation says on the subject :

>Raw Device Setup
>Keep in mind the following items when creating raw devices: 
>    When creating the volumes, ensure that the owner and group are oracle and oinstall, respectively. 
>     The size of an Oracle datafile created in a raw partition must be at least two Oracle block sizes smaller than the size of the
>     raw partition. 

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